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Our Dedication to Community

As a family owned and operated business, New Braunfels holds a special place in our hearts. We understand that our community thrives through its local businesses, making our town truly one of a kind. Our dedication to the community is more than just a business practice; it's a genuine embrace of the New Braunfels' spirit.

Owned and operated by a local mom and daughter, we understand the passion and dedication that fuel a family business. Comal Flower Shop takes great pride in promoting and supporting fellow local enterprises; by sourcing locally and collaborating with neighboring businesses, we invest in the economic vitality of our town, ensuring that the entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish.

Comal Flower Shop has been a pillar of community support for decades, actively support many community events, schools and projects, such as the New Branfels Chamber of Commerce and our local STEPS program. In the past, we've been a part of Teleflora's Make Someone Smile program, by bringing flowers to local nursing homes, hospitals, and Hope hospice patients.

Your support enables us to continue our legacy of supporting local businesses and fostering the vibrant, close-knit atmosphere that New Braunfels is renowned for. Together, let's honor the unique charm of New Braunfels, where every purchase should help support a local family.